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Website Design & Development Services



Why pay excessive fees to companies to design or maintain a website? Is your goal to advertise and market the products and services of your business, or publish a personal website? If so, our company designs and maintains static and dynamic websites which professionally designed websites provide exceptional marketing solutions to businesses. 

The website services that we provide comprises of website design and development, search engine optimization and management, and, website consulting services.

With limited exceptions, basic static websites are designed at a cost starting between $115.00 and $165.00 depending upon the following: with limited exceptions, static websites start at $115.00 if you already own a domain and have a website hosting account or prefer to publish your website with a sub-domain URL address and refrain from paying hosting fees.., and, otherwise, with limited exceptions, static websites start at $165.00 which pricing structure includes the registration of a domain name, one year hosting, multiple email accounts and web pages, and SEO & SEM services. Additionally, with limited exceptions, the design and maintenance of websites include the development of social media web pages and the submission of industry directory listings.


The images of the websites, and social media web pages, that we've designed represents certain business entities associated with corporations affiliated with our company; which images of the websites, and social media web pages, are only intended to give an idea of the creativity and design of websites and social media web pages which we've designed. The websites, and social media web pages, that we've designed which are owned by other corporations or organizations or individuals are not shown for business reasons, confidentiality reasons, or pursuant to agreement terms.



100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, and, Minimum 15% to 35% Conditional Price Match Guarantee on all Website Services.