Business & Computer Services

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Business Development Services



Our company offers business solutions that help businesses build their business.

The business services provided by our company includes, among other services, advertising services including, but not limited to, the design and administration of advertising campaigns under the umbrella of all advertising medias; marketing services including, but not limited to, the design of marketing materials and development and administration of email marketing campaigns; desktop publishing design; document & forms design including interactive forms design; graphic design & photo editing; lead databases; logo design; and, social network marketing services. Additionally, but not limited to, we provide business consulting services, business valuation services, electronic security surveillance services, franchise/license development services, and, drafting of business legal documents, e.g., acquisition agreements, employee contracts and non-disclosure agreements, partnership agreements, license agreements, and, Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars and franchise agreements, et al.


The images of the client's logos that we've provided business services represents select clients that are franchised or associated with a client under license agreements. The businesses that are locally owned and operated in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska, and other franchised companies and business entities under licensed agreements, that we've provided business services are not shown for business reasons, confidentiality reasons, or pursuant to agreement terms. 

The images of the logos that we've designed represents select companies, or organizations, that we've designed logos. The businesses that operate nationally that we've designed logos, or re-designed logos, and other companies or organizations, are not shown for business reasons, confidentiality reasons, or pursuant to agreement terms.   



100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, 100% Guaranteed Lead Database Data, Minimum 15% to 35% Conditional Price Match Guarantee of all Business Services, Minimum 5% up to 15% Savings Guarantee of Advertising Costs plus Minimum 5% up to 15%+ Greater ROI Guarantee on Major Media Advertising Services, Minimum 10% to 15% Greater ROI Guarantee on Marketing Services, and, 100% Conditional Guarantee on the Administration and Development of License Programs.